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Maximizing Systems

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June 27

The Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children works closely to two therapeutic courts to provide technical assistance and program evaluation in Nebraska. In this session, we will discuss the therapeutic approaches used in each court, including the theoretical foundations and practical applications. Members of each court team will discuss their experiences with the therapeutic tracks, including what makes them successful and what has been difficult. Finally, we will present some evaluation data to illustrate the impact the therapeutic approach can have on the court process and on the participants, including parents, caseworkers, attorneys, and the judge. Therapuetic approaches provide parents with voice in the court process and increase perceptions of fairness, resulting in increased compliance and facilitated professional decision making. Additionally, a therapuetic approach can enahce the professional relationships of the attorneys, caseworkers, and judge, resulting in mutual trust, respect, and collaboration. This session will focus on the process and impact of therapeutic court approaches, relying on data and first hand experience.  

1:30pm to 2:40pm


Diamond 1